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Welcome to FGS Solutions Online Training

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When initializing your database, start with GREEN shaded area.

Enter Your Business Information

Enter a Service

Enter a Product

Enter an Employee
(use automated process to enter employee or technician rates)

Enter a Subcontractor (use automated process to enter Subcontractor rates)

Enter A Template

Configuring Your Reference List
(Set Schedule by Technician or Vehicle/ Divide Work Order Into Categories, Colour Code Dispatch Board, Set Referrals)

Entering Customers, Creating Work Orders, Service Contracts and Invoices

Enter a New Customer and Schedule a Work Order

Dispatching Using the Dispatch Board

Searching Customers, Processing a Work Order and Auto Invoicing (track product costs, split pays, commission, labour hours)

Create a Service Contract (Schedule Items on a Service Contract and Progress Reporting)

Creating a Service Contract and AUTOMATICALLY Scheduling Work Orders

Delete a Work Order, Invoice, Service Contract, Customer

Create Profit Margin Reports for ALL customers

Create Profit Margin Reports for INDIVIDUAL customers (generate CALLBACK reports)

Referral Reports and Database Overview

Using The Main Calendar


Recurring Work Orders

Recurring Invoices and using the RECURRING INVOICE MANAGER

Duplicating Work Orders


When Setting up Inventory, use the modules in the YELLOW shaded areas as steps.

Initializing Inventory

Enter a Supplier

Creating a P.O. (Purchase Order)

Inventory (Entering and Viewing Transactions)

Other Utilities (MOBILE COMPUTING)

Setting Up Security

Setting up the MOBILE COMPUTING Remote Option (configuration and how it works)

MOBILE Computing Remote Option Training