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Construction BID Tracker

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The Construction BID Tracker is a Time efficiency software system that manages all work flow aspects of Service Scheduling and Installation (BIDs) Management. A great solution for small to medium size companies such as High Rise Residential Security Systems and Electrical Contracting. Users love the ease of use and navigation our interfaces offer. Our powerful visual forms and reports lets you extract and analyze data in a variety of ways. It's tracking capabilities allow for easy subcontracting scheduling and deployment.

Consider how much more efficient your business would be if one time data entry would automatically:

-Produce Proposals and BIDs
-Create Schedules for employees and jobs
-Manage Inventory (at multiple locations)
-Track Jobs
-Track labor (**in house and subcontracted labor)
-Generate Invoices
-Utilize Progress Billing
-Track and Collect Accounts Receivable
-Produce Management Reports

The Construction BID Tracker solves many of the challenges faced by contractors who want to cut down on paper, control costs, increase margins, and be efficient.

Construction BID Tracker

Includes BID and Installations Modules for the Construction Industry!

Construction Features

  • Includes BID Tracking for all your sales staff. They are able to enter products and services directly into an from a controlled list.

  • Allows your sales staff to save BIDs DIFFERENT VERSIONS.

  • Allows for the client acceptance of one BID (In which there could be several versions, but only one can be accepted by the customer).

  • Security levels allow sales staff access to only there own BIDs.

  • Once an BID is accepted by the customer, it then goes through the next stage of being checked and internally accepted by the Installations Manager. No work commences until the second process is complete.

  • Once an esitmate is accepted internally, it is allowed to be scheduled in the system. All products and work are scheduled and tracked DAILY, through 'Work Orders'. This allows for REAL TIME BID progress reporting.

  • In house labor and subcontracted labor can also be tracked and reported against.

  • Use the 'Automated Progress Billing' feature which allows you to 'STAY ON TOP OF ALL THE MONEY THAT IS OWED'. It will automate and streamline your process to allow you to ACURATELY INVOICE in a TIMELY SCHEDULE.

Have Control Over Generated BIDs

  • Have your BIDs be generated by a product list that has preset selling costs and an associated 'Hours' labor factor so that a retail value for labor can automatically become part of the BID.

Your Sales Staff Will Generate BIDs With EASE

  • Have the capability of setting an automatic global mark-up factor.

  • Divide your BIDs up into preset categories and unique categories as per BID.

  • Save BIDs with the same Job Quote ID, as different versions (Maintain an BID history).

Secure Your Work Flow By Locking In BIDs

  • Secure your work flow by flagging accepted BIDs- once an BID is accepted by the customer, it becomes locked in and once accepted internaly by the Installations Manager, it cannot be changed.

  • Once accepted internally, the BID is then continually referenced by its 'Job Quote' ID and then it can have jobs scheduled against it. ALL COSTS AND INVOICE INFO IS THEN TRACKED SEAMLESSY!

Have Instant 'Progress Reports' that give you DAILY PROFITABILITY INFORMATION On All your Jobs!

POWERED BY (option)


FGS Solutions uses the free, easy-to-use distributable version of SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. It is a lightweight version of SQL Server 2005. Please refer to http://www.microsoft.com/sql/editions/express/default.mspx for more information.
(Your server must meet the SQL Server 2005 Express Edition system requirements).

FGS Solutions Software can also be installed to run using servers with Microsoft SQL 2005 Server. Note that the licensing cost of FGS Solutions Software does not include any licenses for Microsoft SQL Server or Client Access Licenses. Licenses for these should be purchased from your local Microsoft certified vendor.

Core Features (Service Department)

  • Sample data of common contracts and services and products to shorten your start-up time.

  • CRM-Customer Relationship Management features including flag your customers, divide your customer list into groups and set date and time ticklers to be reminded of calls and appointments.

  • Dispatch Calendar acts as the main form for the service module. Here, by the selection of a few controls on the Calendar Form, you are able to keep track of all your work orders to reschedule or dispatch. Whether you put them On Hold or mark them as Ongoing, you will be able to satisfy customer inquiries easily and quickly.

  • Quick and easy work order processing. You may schedule employees and vehicles for each work order created and the processing features allow you to mark all Work Orders as On Hold, Ongoing, Complete or Invoiced.

  • Use our KEYWORD search engine to search your work order notes, products or product descriptions, so that you can identify patterns in your work order deployment and trouble shooting. You can also report on this globally, or by location.

  • Maintain a list of equipment and items for each client location.
    Reference equipment to track amount spent on each piece of referenced equipment to keep your clients informed.

  • For fleet managers, you can easily schedule and track the hours of several vehicles with only one Work Order. You can also create your own categories for the type of service (such as tires, PM's, accident repairs etc.) and report against these categories.

  • Save time by creating Work Order TEMPLATES for all your customers, or for individual customers. You can maintain and manage a service and parts list TEMPLATE for each customer.

  • Recommendation Tracking- This profit making feature allows you to enter any employee on site recommendations during the Work Order processing. This recommendation appears on a list a can be removed once the recommendation has been dealt with.

  • Multiple Billing and Location Addresses and Recurring Work Orders and Invoices. Now each of your contracts, work orders and invoices can have a unique billing and location addresses. Keep track of subcontracted work.

  • Service Contract and Work Order TEMPLATES- (The grouping of services and products) You can create as many combinations of products and services as TEMPLATES and they can be inserted into your Service Contracts or Work Orders. So if you have Service Contracts or Work Orders that are virtually the same, this tool is invaluable. Also, this tool can be used to set up your own FLAT RATE BILLING SYSTEM.

  • Service & Installation Contract Tracking allows you to keep track of all the Services and Products in any type of contract (or BID). You can even pull up a Contract Status Report which will keep you informed of the completion status of all active contracts.

  • Inventory Management.

  • Import customer and product lists.

  • Dispatch and Process Work Orders by EMAIL! More and more successful organizations are increasing productivity and improving collaboration with Wireless Handhelds.

  • Exports to Excel, Microsoft Dynamics, Quickbooks and other popular Accounting Packages.

  • Network ready.

Turn Off The Paper!

Use your Wireless Handhelds to dispatch all your Work Orders!

More and more successful organizations are increasing productivity and improving collaboration with Wireless Handhelds.

HVAC Service Tracker

Licensing: CND
Single_License:   $1,399.00
Additional_License:   $1,259.00
Additional_ 4_user_pack:   $3,699.00
Implementation (Set_up_and_training):
Single License: Instructor Lead Training (Typically 3 hours, up to a maximum of 4 hours)   $499.00
Multi License: Instructor Lead Training (Typically 5 hours, up to a maximum of 6 hours)   $1499.00
Technical Support (Phone): Single-30 Days, Multi User-90 Days Included
One Year Email support and Upgrades Included
Subsequent Service Level Agreements 18% (of package) per year
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